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Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

Peak Energy - Suppliers of Wind Measurement Systems

Preconfigured wind measurement masts that include everything needed for wind assessments of any proposed sites for individual or multiple wind turbines.

Wind meteorological masts new and second hand are available for purchase or rental for your wind resource assessment or noise survey.                  

10M, 20M, 30M, 40M, 50m, 60m 70m & 80m wind mast prices on application and dependent on instrument/sensor/logger specification required

Example 50m wind masts complete ready to install with all instruments from 11,649; 60m from 12,697

Delivery to site, including off road at point of delivery, can be arranged if necessary.

All systems complete ready for assembly - typical system includes mast, base plate, guy wires, screw-in anchors, logger and enclosure, 6 calibrated anemometers, 2 wind direction vanes, temperature sensor, all sensor cables and grounding kit.

All wind masts and instruments/sensors/loggers/installation equipment are available to purchase  individually.

Systems can include internet communications, via GSM cellular phone network direct to your ISP provider.

We undertake Mast installations and decommissioning - contact us for a quote here....

If we decommission your wind mast and then are scheduled to re-install the wind tower on another site we will store free of charge for 12 months, after which a small fee would apply. Terms and Conditions apply.

All prices are subject to change without notice - email or phone your requirements for a no obligation quote.

Think wind assessment - think Green Energy - think Peak Energy Services

Energy Audit

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