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Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

Wind Power Systems - earn an income from wind turbines.

On site wind power, wind energy, wind turbines              Agri-energy and Agri-renewables

Energy prices continue to spiral therefore every avenue needs to be explored to reduce energy costs.


If you are interested in energy from a wind turbine(s) situated on your site, to invest in it yourself or by others and if you need consultancy services to assist you in getting the best solution from the many developer options available contact us now.

A Wind turbine project will consist of the following:

  • Full feasibility analysis

  • Full wind assessment

  • Turbine selection

  • Planning permits

  • Network connection

  • Project management of turbine installation

  • On-going maintenance management

  • Necessary Power Purchase Agreements

Contact us if you have available land and we can assist you in getting prospective developers interest and provide you with expert advice and guidance through the process so you maximise your returns from any development.

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Think on-site wind power, on shore wind energy - think Green Renewable Energy - think Peak Energy Services

Energy Audit

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