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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

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Energy Audit

Wind Resource Monitoring, Installation, Decommission and Maintenance

Peak Energy Wind Energy Consultants, UK and US, for all your renewable energy management needs.

Looking for assistance or training with wind mast installations?

We provide assistance and support  to community based groups who wish to undertake installations themselves to save on project costs. Training also available, contact us with your requirements.


Only want assistance in specific areas of the installation e.g. anchor installation or logger programming we can help.




Has your mast been installed for 6 months or more? Be sure to carryout regular maintenance and condition monitoring of your installation to comply with insurance requirements, H&S, and to ensure that data from the installation is bankable. We offer regular maintenance inspections at 3 month intervals at very competitive rates.

Data Management

We are able manage all data, providing frequent reports for the Client and their specialists as required whether its a mast we or you have installed.


Wind Mast Storage

We can provide secure undercover storage for wind masts at low daily rates. We also provide collection and delivery services. Contact us for further details.

Wind Turbine noise assessments

Masts are provided, with all necessary equipment on short term loan for noise assessment studies 10m or 60m depending on the standards being used. Peak Energy can offer a full noise assessment if required before any major project expenditure is committed to. Need regular noise assessments to comply with planning conditions, discuss with us as we can provide discounts for repetitive equipment rental over the term of your project.

Peak Energy is a specialised energy consultancy that works with other industry specialists in seeking to provide the best and innovative solutions for our clients.

Think Wind Turbines - think Electricity from Wind - think

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of wind power then please feel free to contact us by either calling the number on the site or emailing us from here...
Wind Turbines

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