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Energy management is a process that has numerous functions that interlink with each other.


To have an auditable energy management system there is a logical sequence to follow.


First understand what is happening, what are the energy sources, how much they are costing, how they correlate with production, weather or people working within a space.


Understand how the energy is procured, is the tariff structure best suited for the actual business or are there alternatives.  Make sure metering data, invoice data and company data correlates and invoices are accurate and inline with yearly budget predictions. Understand in advance when costs are going to over shoot or savings will occur so budgets can be amended before each financial year end.


Carryout energy audit of premises to ensure energy efficient products and processes are used or are being considered in a timely manner for the future. Use the above mentioned monitoring to track and police returns from any plant or projects implemented from the audits.


Use Renewable Energy Projects to change the reliance on fossil fuels, to reduce costs of energy imported, to assist in local security of supply.


Finally document how the above is contributing to the Companies Carbon Reduction Commitment and include the recorded facts in the Companies statutory returns.


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Distributed Generators

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