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Distributed Generators

Distributed Generators

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Peak Energy Surgery is a new one-to-one service designed for a walk in energy consultation on any energy related matter at our offices. The surgery can also be used to commission us to undertake a one off support energy service that you may require.


Peak Energy Surgeries or Clinics are available and open to anyone and any type of business who require advice, training, invoice dispute resolution or last minute energy services from us e.g. for the end of year energy usage, budget and expenditure reconciliation.


An energy surgery consists of a one-to-one meeting with a Peak Energy consultant or associate at which any energy related matter can be raised or explored.


The Surgery consultations first hour is free.


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Contact us to arrange a consultation.

This may relate to Energy Procurement, Invoice validation, performance reporting, budgeting, efficiency, CRC, processes, energy audits, Monitoring and Targeting, metering, PPA's, Distribution (DNO), Connections, Triad, Demand Management, Renewables, Energy Management Systems or it could deal with energy strategy, policy matters or training. This list is not exhaustive.

Think Energy Surgery or Energy Clinic - think

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of energy then please feel free to contact us by either calling the number on the site or emailing us from here...
Distributed Generators

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